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Fenchurch Law is an award-winning specialist law firm who handle insurance coverage disputes. Since 2010 they have been successful in recovering in excess of £90 million from Insurers for commercial and personal lines from policyholders who initially had their valid claims repudiated.

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How problems occur

Insurance coverage disputes usually occur when a claim is rejected. This is a very traumatic time for both the policyholder and your broker.

Often, if the Ombudsman recovery service is not available, the legal cost of bringing action against insurers can be prohibitive. This service aims to re-address the balance in favour of clients.


Where a valid claim (in whole or in part) is declined, the Fenchurch Law service will step in. This support has proved invaluable to us and our clients in what is something an extremely stressful for all involved.

Fenchurch Law will review the chances of success of litigation and provided that these are good, the case will be taken on, potentially all the way to trial at NO cost to you.

Benefits for our clients

Unlimited legal advice about your rights and merits of the dispute
Solicitors’ fees irrespective of the chances of success against Insurers
Counsels’ fees
Expert Witness fees
Courtroom fees
All Disbursements


Frequently asked questions

Who are Fenchurch Law?

Fenchurch Law (FL) is an award-winning, specialist firm of solicitors who are one of the UK’s leading firms of policyholder-focused insurance coverage dispute lawyers, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Who is eligible?

All Movo policyholders

What exactly is the Unlimited service being provided by Fenchurch Law?

Unlimited is a unique free legal service to support policyholders in insurance disputes. This means free legal advice on policyholders legal rights and obligations directly relating to an insurance policy as well as the costs of litigation or arbitration of an insurance dispute with an Insurer, subject to FL concluding that the policyholder has at least a 60% chance of succeeding in its claim, in which case Unlimited covers all the costs of that claim.

Does the Unlimited service include all classes of insurance?

Yes, apart from Marine Hull which is a specialist area of insurance law with which FL does not currently work. However, an insurance coverage dispute needs to satisfy the following:

What happens if an insurance policy is not subject to English law and jurisdiction or a UK seat of arbitration?

The Unlimited service can still be of assistance by providing Unlimited legal advice about the policyholders legal rights and obligations under the policy from the perspective of English law.

In our experience, it is not uncommon for insurance policies issued to policyholders in Scotland and Northern Ireland to be subject to English law and jurisdiction.

What happens if FL conclude there is less than a 60% chance of success for the policyholder’s claim against Insurers?

The policyholder will still have access to FL’s free Unlimited legal advice service and other options of resolving the insurance coverage dispute will still be explored. If new facts or information come to light, FL will re-evaluate the chances of success.

Is there a minimum size of claim?

There is no minimum size of claim.

However, the courts expect that all claims are handled in a manner proportionate to the complexity of the claim. The amounts at issue also need to be borne in mind from a commercial point of view.

Why is there a charge for Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) complaints?

The FOS has no power to award costs against the Insurer in the event that the FOS upholds the complaint against the Insurer. Therefore, there is no way for FL to recover costs via the FOS process in the event of a successful complaint. This is the only time the policyholder pays any money to FL, but it does have an option as to how and when that payment is made.

Will FL send an invoice directly to the policyholder?

FL will always send an invoice directly to the policyholder, so that:

  1. FL do not contravene the principle of indemnity, i.e. if the policyholder is not technically liable for FL’s fees, then FL would not be able to recover those fees from the Insurers.
The policyholder can pay the VAT, providing it is VAT registered. The policyholder can then recover the VAT in its returns to HMRC and is therefore not out of pocket.

What happens if you already have some cover or other potential assistance for the dispute?

The Unlimited service is not an insurance product, so issues of dual insurance do not arise. The policyholder should be in a position of being able to choose which option best suits their needs and to make an informed decision.

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