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Become an Introducer branch

Are you looking to generate an additional revenue stream for yourself or your business and help your clients and associates/friends at the same time?

Do you work in Financial Services or regularly get asked about insurance or if you know anyone that provides insurance cover?

Then the Movo Introducer Scheme could be perfect for you. Not only do we aim to look after your clients as well as you, but you can generate large amounts of additional income just for recommending our services.

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How does our Introducer Programme Work?

Initial discussion

After an initial discussion, we ideally like to meet our introducers so that you can have faith in who you are referring and we can get to know you also. You would then sign an Introducer Agreement so we can register you as an Introducer Appointed Representative.


You can then recommend your clients to us, via email, our online submission form, or you can put them in direct contact with us making sure they mention you in their call.

Advice and a quotation

We will provide your client with advice and a quotation/s that best suit their needs, if they are happy we will proceed with providing them with the appropriate policies.


We then pay you our agreed commission payment once the policy has been paid for and insurer accounts settled. We will continue to pay you at an agreed level of commission for the lifetime of that policy being on cover with Movo.

Additional Benefits of Our Introducer Programme?

We provide you with actual benefits, exclusive offers and useful material to distribute to your clients. This can be dual branded and tailored to your needs. Our focus will be on helping you engage more often with your customer base with useful content.
Your own insurances – If we cannot work for free for you, we will happily rebate 75% of the commission for every year you remain an introducer.

Getting a Quote from Movo is easy

The fastest way to hassle-free quote would be to submit your current
insurance schedule or renewal invitation here. Alternatively, you can request
a call back or give your local office a call.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to become a referrer?

There is a simple Introducer agreement form to fill in and sign to be compliant to the FCA’s rules and after that you can start referring.

How will you pay me?

We can pay you via Bank Transfer or Cheque, whichever method you prefer.

When will you pay me?

We will usually pay introducers after we have collected payment from the client and paid insurers. We aim to do this within 30 days but this process may take longer.

Is referring a long process?

All you need to do is refer, send us an email or fill in our form online, it takes no more than 3 minutes, after that we will take care of everything.

We update you as to the outcome, all you need to do is work out what you want to do with the commission. We are very good at what we do and have a strong conversion rate on target business, if our rates do not meet your client’s expectations, we will always continue to offer them the best advice as to what else they can do and not just leave them hanging.

Is there a minimum commitment or obligation to refer?

There is no minimum obligation. It doesn’t matter on the size of the client referred, our service level will not waiver.

What kind of business can I refer?

In short anything from Commercial, Private, Health and Life, have a look at our website and see what we specialise in.

I offer one of the products you sell, will you try and cross sell to any client I send across?

We will not offer to sell a client any product or service you are not in agreement with, in any such instance we will always refer the client back to yourselves.

When we set up any introducer agreement we also learn about your business. There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly we want to avoid selling products that you may already be offering and secondly, referrals work both ways and wherever possible we will try and refer clients to you.

How much money can I earn and is my earning capped after a time?

Commission payments are completely uncapped, you will earn the agreed commission percentage on any client you send across that we place on cover no matter the size.

Find out how we may be able to help you here by asking one of our team.
We also provide Private, Life and Health Insurance cover too.