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I don’t think it will come as a big surprise to anyone that having claims usually results in premium increases. No broker can magically make these claims disappear from your claims experience but there are actions which Movo can take to help. It is your brokers job to present your ‘Risk’ in the most positive way possible: we have an obligation to do this and at Movo we have the experience and ability to crunch the data to your benefit.

The simplest way to present claims is to just submit a list of these to your insurers. With no narrative or explanations, if you have had any insurance claims, then this could result in the worst outcome for you or your business.

At Movo we obtain as much information about each claim and use this to tell a story. It might be a pattern that we’ve identified or the fact that there was a localised problem with an individual.

This work is a big part of what has made us successful at Movo. We want all our clients to feel reassured that when they choose to place their insurance with us, they will have access to our expertise and help should they need it.

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Some Examples of Our Work Include:


Negative claims experience

Remedial Action :

Highlight improving trend

Outcome :

The previous claims history showed that the fleet was particularly susceptible to claims over the winter period. We suggested that the client adopt some form of winter driver training for their drivers. The above graph shows the impact that such training had in the following year.

Introduction of winter training enabled Insurers to view the fleet based on the past 12 months performance rather than the typical approach of looking at the last three years and ultimately deliver a saving to the policyholder.

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